Future 2056

Transport is critical to the future of NSW. Our transport system serves every one of our state’s 7.5 million residents, 800,000 businesses and 30 million visitors – and today, it is undergoing rapid change, making us more mobile than ever before, and our lives more interconnected.

By 2056, NSW will have more than 12 million residents and be the country’s first trillion dollar state economy. Sydney, one of the developed world’s fastest growing cities, will be a global city similar in size to London or New York today. Regional NSW will grow by around 400,000 people by 2036 and then a further 300,000 by 2056. This growth will mean our networks will need to handle 28 million trips a day and double the current metropolitan freight task.

These challenges and opportunities highlight the importance of our choices today and call for bold, new ideas and approaches that ensure the productivity, liveability and sustainability of our communities.

Future Transport 2056 is a vision driven by a number of outcomes, insights and global trends. This section outlines the some of these key areas which helped inspire the thinking behind the strategy.


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