Future Transport Strategy 2056

Future Transport 2056 is a suite of plans: The Future Transport 2056 Strategy, the Regional NSW Services and Infrastructure Plan and the Greater Sydney Services and Infrastructure Plan which focus on the decisions we need to make now, to help us prepare for the big changes across the state over the next 40 years.

Future Transport Strategy Diagram

Building on the achievements of the 2012 Transport Master Plan

The Future Transport 2056 Strategy builds on the achievements of the 2012 NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan, which has guided unprecedented service and infrastructure investments. To check out what’s already been delivered, what’s in progress and what is planned for the future, visit our interactive Transport Projects Map.

Future Transport 2056 is a ‘living’ strategy for our age

Future Transport 2056 moves away from a static, printed document rewritten every five years to an online document regularly updated to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape, and insights gained from community and industry consultation.

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