Three cities for Sydney

Greater Sydney is undergoing significant change, which is creating opportunities and challenges for our transport system. As Sydney grows as a global metropolis, benefits will be distributed more evenly across the city, driven by major placemaking investment around the new Western Sydney Airport. New technology and innovation will make the network far more responsive to demand, and better able to manage congestion.

The vision for Greater Sydney as a metropolis of three cities will guide many of the planning and investment outcomes for the city.

Vision for Greater Sydney: A ‘30 minute city’ where people across the city can access their nearest city centre in 30 minutes by public transport.

The vision for Greater Sydney as a metropolis of three cities is designed to support the growth of Sydney by enabling people to have more convenient access to jobs and services across the region. The three cities include:

• Eastern Harbour City – stretching from the Northern Beaches to Sutherland Shire
• Central River City – extending outward from Greater Parramatta to Blacktown, Norwest, Macquarie Park, Rhodes and towards Bankstown
• Western Parkland City – focused around the Western Sydney Airport-Badgerys Creek Aerotropolis and extending north to Greater Penrith, east to Liverpool and south to Campbelltown-Macarthur

Each of the three cities is anchored by a metropolitan centre – the Harbour CBD in the east, Greater Parramatta in the centre and a cluster of centres in the west, including Western Sydney Airport-Badgerys Creek Aerotropolis, Greater Penrith, Liverpool and Campbelltown-Macarthur. Strategic centres and trade gateways are also dispersed across the region and play a key role in the vision for Greater Sydney.

The 30 minute city

The vision for Greater Sydney is one where people can conveniently access jobs and services. This means people can reach their nearest metropolitan and strategic centres within 30 minutes, seven days a week by public transport. Crucial to this is improved public transport services and infrastructure to ensure people can move efficiently around the city.

Transport corridors for moving people and goods

To support the land use vision for Greater Sydney, the NSW Government developed a vision for the transport system that will enable people and goods to move conveniently around the city. It will enable people within each city to access their nearest metropolitan and strategic centre within 30 minutes by public transport, 7 days a week using:

• City-shaping corridors – major trunk road and rail public transport corridors providing higher speed and volume linkages between our cities and centres that shape locational decisions of residents and businesses 
• City-serving corridors – higher density corridors concentrated within ~10km of metropolitan centres providing high frequency access to metropolitan cities/centres with more frequent stopping patterns
• Centre-serving corridors – local corridors that support buses, walking and cycling, to connect people with their nearest centre and transport node

The road and rail network, including dedicated and shared freight corridors and connections to regional NSW are fundamental parts of this future transport system. Technology is changing how we travel – and how we deliver transport, yet we expect most trips will continue to be provided on the road and rail network.

For more, see the full Greater Sydney Services and Infrastructure Plan, a supporting plan of the Future Transport 2056 Strategy.