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Regional and outer metropolitan network

Future Transport Strategy

The ‘hub and spoke’ model

The future regional transport network will be planned around a ‘hub and spoke’ model within a strategic framework of services being supported by appropriate infrastructure investment, allowing for local adaptation and interpretation. Principles of the ‘hub and spoke’ model include connectivity, flexibility and efficiency, access and equity, timeliness, provision of accurate information, and safety. The hub and spoke model applies to planning for places across regional and outer metropolitan NSW, including very remote areas.

The ‘hub and spoke’ network focuses on connections radiating to the catchment areas of regional cities and centres, which serve as important hubs for their surrounding catchment areas. This will capitalise on the role that regional cities and centres play as hubs for employment and services, as well as capitalise on the NSW Government’s investment in economic infrastructure like Special Activation Precincts. It also acknowledges the importance of national and State-significant transport links (or spokes) that pass through regions.

The ‘hub and spoke’ network is about creating seamless and connected journeys, matching the right mode of travel for the type of trip – depending on length and number of people or volume of goods being transported, and supporting people to travel within cities, between cities and between regions. Any mode could form part of an end-to-end journey for a customer using the ‘hub and spoke’ network, from walking and cycling for short trips into town to private cars, point-to-point transport and buses for trips within the town’s catchment, and trains, coaches and aviation for longer distance trips. Transport will enable connectivity between these modes by providing supporting infrastructure at hubs or points of interchange.

Further detailed ‘hub and spoke’ networks will be outlined in regional transport plans for each of the nine regions outside Greater Sydney.

Six principles for Future Transport

The Future Transport 2056 Strategy is focused on six key principles for the future of mobility in the state, which together aim to positively impact the economy, communities and environment of NSW.

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