Future Transport 2056 is an update of NSW’s Long Term Transport Master Plan. It is a suite of strategies and plans for transport developed in concert with the Greater Sydney Commission’s Sydney Region PlanInfrastructure NSW’s State Infrastructure Strategy, and the Department of Planning and Environment’s regional plans, to provide an integrated vision for the state.

The Future Transport Strategy sets the 40 year vision, directions and outcomes framework for customer mobility in NSW, which will guide transport investment over the longer term. It will be delivered through a series of supporting plans.

The Services and Infrastructure Plans set the customer outcomes for Greater Sydney and regional NSW for the movement of people and freight to meet customer needs and deliver responsive, innovative services. The plans will define the network required to achieve the service outcomes.

The Supporting Plans are more detailed issues-based or place-based planning documents that help to implement the Strategy across NSW.

Ministers’ Message

Transport is critical to the future of NSW. Our transport system serves every one of our state’s 7.5 million residents, 800,000 businesses and 30 million visitors – and today, it is undergoing rapid change, making us more mobile than ever before, and our lives more interconnected.

By 2056, NSW will have more than 12 million residents. Sydney, will become a global city similar in size to London or New York. Regional NSW will grow by around 400,000 people by 2036 and then a further 300,000 by 2056. This growth will mean our networks will need to handle 28 million trips a day and double the current metropolitan freight loads. 

These challenges and opportunities highlight the importance of our choices today and call for bold, new ideas that ensure the productivity, liveability and sustainability of our communities.

The Future Transport Strategy is an update of the 2012 Long Term Transport Master Plan for NSW. It is a 40 year strategy, supported by plans for regional NSW and for Greater Sydney. It is the first transport plan in Australia to harness technology to improve customer and network outcomes, and it starts with a long term vision for our communities. For the first time, we are aligning how we plan the future of the transport network with how we land use by working closely with the Greater Sydney Commission, Infrastructure NSW, the Department of Premier and Cabinet and the Department of Planning and Environment.

Future Transport builds on the achievements of the Long Term Transport Master Plan, which has unlocked unprecedented local and international investment in the NSW transport network and placed our customers at the centre of everything we do. 

The Strategy also continues our program of innovation – starting with the Future Transport Technology Roadmap, the Smart Innovation Centre, automated vehicle and on-demand services pilots, and our development of contactless payment systems. 

Continued planning is critical if NSW is to have a world-class transport system with infrastructure investments that support growth and meet our aspirations for how we want to travel and live.

We want to thank everyone who provided feedback on the draft Future Transport Strategy. We are encouraged by the overwhelming interest from industry and the community which reflects the importance of planning for tomorrow’s transport network.

In releasing Future Transport 2056, we are making a commitment to keep talking to our customers and stakeholders and involving them as we make decisions on infrastructure and service initiatives. The best transport network will be the one we design together and we encourage everyone who uses or is affected by the transport system to get involved.

The Hon Andrew Constance MP - Minister for Transport and Infrastructure

The Hon Melinda Pavey MP - Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight