Future Transport in Regional NSW

A ‘hub and spoke’ network of services in regional areas will provide better connections between communities and improved access to regional cities and centres

The Future Transport Regional Infrastructure and Services Plan explains how we will provide people and businesses with safe and reliable travel options.

Future investment in regional NSW will provide manufacturers and producers with the opportunity to participate in the global economy by connecting them to domestic and international consumer markets.

Connections in regional NSW will focus on a ‘hub and spoke’ network model radiating out from Regional Cities rather than a network focused on Sydney. This will capitalise on the role that Regional Cities and Centres play as hubs for employment and services such as retail, health, education and cultural activities.

Figure 14 Connecting communities

To ensure that we maintain our customer focus in the future we've developed ten customer outcomes for regional customers that directly link to the six Future Transport 2056 outcomes.

Regional NSW Customer Outcomes