Monitoring and Reviewing Our Progress

Improving customer outcomes with clear goals and accountability

A focus on measurable customer outcomes

Measuring the performance of our transport system is not straightforward or easy. The NSW transport system is a complex one which caters to road, public transport and freight customers. Existing indicators and data cannot adequately measure all intended outcomes, but with the advent of open data and GPS technology, we can access extensive and accurate information to use as evidence in making decisions. Better data will also help us report on metrics in a way that paints a more meaningful picture of how well our transport system is delivering for customers.

As advances in data capture and analysis continue we will develop more sophisticated measures to better understand changing patterns of movement for people and goods, particularly in rural and regional areas where many data gaps exist. We are exploring opportunities to work with telecommunications data and other emerging data sources to access near time insights on the movement of people, including information on their origin and destination, purpose, travel patterns, times and demographics.

The Future Transport performance measures and indicators (below) provide a framework for us to monitor and report on how our activities are contributing to the six state-wide Future Transport outcomes.

We will undertake supporting research to further refine and develop these initial measures and align them more closely with customer expectations of an effective and integrated transport system.

Future Transport Outcomes - Performance Focus Areas and Measures