Next Steps

We will use the Greater Newcastle Future Transport Plan to progress detailed planning for specific initiatives, consider funding and delivery options and track our performance in delivering on the customer outcomes. We will continue to engage with our customers, the community and stakeholders to ensure our plans are meeting the needs of customers and being responsive to new challenges and opportunities.

Continuing to engage with our customers

The Greater Newcastle Future Transport Plan is a ‘living’ plan that will continue to be updated as the area changes, technology evolves and new opportunities emerge. An agile and flexible approach is the hallmark of our approach to planning in Future Transport 2056.

This means we will continue to engage closely with our customers, the community and stakeholders, including federal and state departments and agencies, local councils and industry. This will be important for ensuring that customer, community and stakeholder insights inform more detailed planning and that this planning is integrated across government and with industry. In turn, initiatives identified in the Greater Newcastle Future Transport Plan will continue to reflect existing plans and work that is currently being undertaken by key stakeholders such as local councils.

In consultation on the draft Plan, our customers told us that they want more input into the planning of transport infrastructure and services. By closely engaging with our customers as we update the Plan and progress detailed planning, we will be responsive to this feedback.

Progressing our plans

Establishing customer outcomes and a vision for our transport system, and identifying and prioritising initiatives to deliver on these is just the first step in planning for the future. To ensure we are delivering the best outcomes for customers and the community, we will undertake detailed planning and feasibility studies for specific initiatives as part of the business case process. This process will ensure initiatives that are progressed for funding and delivery deliver value for money for the people of NSW.

Funding and delivery

Our commitment is to ensure the transport system is financially sustainable, meeting the needs of our customers and the community and enabling us to continue investing in services and infrastructure. That is why we have prioritised initiatives, to ensure we can stage delivery starting with those that we believe will deliver the greatest benefit.

As initiatives progress to business case phase, we will investigate a range of funding and delivery options to ensure value for money.

Staging of initiatives

Our plan prioritises initiatives on the basis of existing NSW Government commitments and the challenges addresses, in order to importance. Initiatives are staged over 0-10, 10-20 and 20+ year periods, with existing infrastructure commitments, upgrades, service and policy initiatives a key focus in the first decade.

Infrastructure initiatives deliver significant benefits for our customers and the community, but they are capital-intensive and take time to plan and deliver, which is why initiatives are staged. On corridors where major new infrastructure is not yet needed, upgrades to existing infrastructure or service improvements may suffice.

As we undertake more detailed planning, we will review the proposed staging to ensure we are achieving the best outcomes for our customers.

Sources of funding

One of our objectives is to ensure the transport system is financially sustainable through informed decision-making and services and infrastructure being delivered, operated and maintained in a way that is affordable over the long-term.

There are many sources of funding for transport projects. User charging will remain a source of funding but will be complemented by other measures as the way we build and operate transport becomes more sophisticated. Mechanisms such as value sharing and development of government land to fund transport infrastructure will be investigated as we look for innovative and efficient ways to fund our transport projects.

Delivery mechanisms

As part of evaluating initiatives, we will consider a range of delivery mechanisms, consistent with the directions in the Future Transport Strategy. Where appropriate, we will partner with industry to delivery transport initiatives – whether this be enabling new services and infrastructure to be developed by industry or continuing to engage the private sector to deliver, operate and maintain services and infrastructure.

Local Government will also be a key partner for delivery of the Greater Newcastle Future Transport Plan. For initiatives related to cycling paths, local road upgrades, local footpaths and travel demand management and behaviour change initiatives, local councils will be an essential partner.


The Greater Newcastle Future Transport Plan will be implemented through collaborative governance arrangements. Essential to this process will be alignment with the DPE’s Greater Newcastle Metropolitan Plan – Implementation Plan 2018-2020, and engagement with key stakeholders including the Hunter Regional Leadership Executive, Hunter Development Corporation and local Councils.