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A flexible, agile investment approach

Greater Newcastle Future Transport Plan

A flexible, agile investment approach

A strategic investment prioritisation evaluation was undertaken for each proposed
initiative, considering:

  • How initiatives would serve customer needs and place-based visions over 40 years
  • Multimodal corridor planning and the evolution of places, applying movement and place planning principles
  • How well initiatives would meet future customer needs, against a range of likely scenarios, including technological and other disruptive events
  • Benefits, alignment to the strategic objectives of the Regional Plans, and their ability to deliver on service outcomes
  • The (high level) timeframe for project need, linked to interdependencies with other initiatives.

Our investment approach is designed to be flexible, responding to change and uncertainty. The timeframes are indicative, based on preliminary evidence, of when potentially these initiatives may be need to be implemented or committed.

Further investigation of all initiatives will be undertaken within the next 10 years to ensure any major impacts in growth patterns or use are considered.


Categorisation of initiatives

Committed initiatives (0–10yrs)

Initiatives that either have committed funding, are committed/ contractually committed, are for immediate detailed planning, or are part of key maintenance, renewal or safety programs.

Initiatives for investigation (0–10, 10–20yrs)

Initiatives intended to be investigated for potential commitment or implementation within the next 20 years. Those listed in 0-10 horizon will be prioritised for more detailed investigation to determine if they are required in the next 20 years.

Visionary initiatives (20+ years)

Longer term initiatives that may be investigated within the next 10 years, but are unlikely to require implementation within 20 years.

Six principles for Future Transport

The Future Transport 2056 Strategy is focused on six key principles for the future of mobility in the state, which together aim to positively impact the economy, communities and environment of NSW.

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