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NSW Freight and Ports Plan 2018-2023

NSW Freight and Ports Plan 2018-2023


The NSW Freight and Ports Plan 2018-2023 is a call to action for government and industry to collaborate on clear initiatives and targets to make the NSW freight task more efficient and safe so NSW can continue to move and grow.

The Plan has the following key objectives:

  • we will drive economic growth - by delivering more than $5 billion worth of infrastructure
  • we will increase efficiency, connectivity and access by recognising that time is money
  • we will deliver greater capacity by investing and enabling regional growth
  • we will improve safety and sustainability by doing more together

To achieve the objectives we will action over 70 initiatives through the Implementation of the Plan.

We will report our progress on hitting our targets – the Plan’s Freight Performance Dashboard has been launched along with Freight Data Visualisations and Strategic Freight Forecasts.

To find out more please visit the Transport for NSW Freight Hub.

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