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Projects and initiatives map

Investing in our future

Our map shows initiatives that are either committed or being investigated as part of Future Transport 2056 and the Future Transport Technology Roadmap.

The map below shows how we are investing in transport infrastructure and service improvements, on a scale never seen before in this State. 

The map includes:

  • initiatives that have been completed
  • initiatives that either have committed funding, are for immediate detailed planning or are part of Transport for NSW’s core delivery program that are in progress or have not commenced, and 
  • Initiatives that are for investigation for potential commitment or implementation in the future

Using the map

Explore projects

  • View projects by map or by list using the filters located above the map
  • Filter projects that are completed, in progress, or not commenced
  • Filter projects by type using the icons in the map menu
    • Infrastructure: Initiatives for the planning and delivery of infrastructure improvements across NSW.
    • Services: Initiatives considering the development and delivery of improved transport services in NSW.
    • Strategies and plans: Initiatives considering the development of new strategies, plans and guidelines for service and infrastructure delivery in NSW.
  • To search for a specific project, suburb or postcode within NSW, use the map search bar.
  • To zoom the map in and out, use the <+> and <-> located on the bottom left of the map

Map accessibility

People with a vision impairment can download these documents to access the information contained in the map:

  1. For project information included in the map please download this PDF.

Six principles for Future Transport

The Future Transport 2056 Strategy is focused on six key principles for the future of mobility in the state, which together aim to positively impact the economy, communities and environment of NSW.

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