Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) Trials

Since the release of Future Transport 2056, the NSW Government has allocated $10 million over four years to support CAV trials across the State.

There are now four CAV trials underway in Sydney Olympic Park, Coffs Harbour, Armidale and Dubbo. These trials are enabling us to test technology in real customer use cases so we can identify possible service uses, determine infrastructure requirements and understand what customers think about this transformative technology.

To date, 16 industry and government partners have been involved in the trials.

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NSW Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) Plan

In January 2019, the NSW CAV Plan was released. The Plan outlines five priority areas that will help us progress towards a more automated future while addressing some of the potential challenges this new technology may bring: 

  • Laws and safety
  • Infrastructure and planning
  • Transport services
  • Data
  • Customer readiness

The Plan establishes NSW’s strategic approach to CAVs, which focuses on enabling and supporting the development and market entry of these technologies in a way that is legal, safe and delivers the best possible benefits to our customers and the community.

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World’s first automated "ute" trial

A road safety challenge unique to Australia is the risk of crashes involving kangaroos in rural and regional areas. It is estimated that around 100 serious injuries are caused by collisions with kangaroos or wallabies each year with two fatalities recorded in 2018.

Currently driverless technology is unable to react to the unpredictable movements of kangaroos. 

A “Smart Ute”, retrofitted with automated technology will be trialled between Dubbo CBD, Dubbo Regional Airport and Taronga Western Plains Zoo to test the technology in a safety use case and determine the capability of automated vehicles to detect and respond to kangaroos.

The automated ute will begin on-road testing from early 2020.

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