M4 Smart Motorway - intelligent technology

The NSW Government is investing $470 million to build the M4 Smart Motorway, which will introduce intelligent technology to the M4, to create the first smart motorway of its kind in NSW. The project aims to reduce stop-start traffic and improve travel times.

The M4 Smart Motorway project includes a 35 kilometre upgrade along the M4 Motorway from Granville's Pitt Street to the Blue Mountains region of Lapstone and utilises real time information, communication and smart traffic management systems that work together to smooth the flow of traffic, ease congestion, efficiently manage incidents and improve road safety.

Key features of the M4 Smart Motorway include:

  • Variable Message Signs on the motorway and approach roads. These electronic signs will inform drivers about expected travel times and traffic conditions ahead, allowing drivers to better plan their journey or choose an alternative route
  • Lane use signs to open and close lanes in response to incidents
  • Variable speed limit signs to vary speed limits if there is heavy traffic, an incident or bad weather
  • Additional traffic sensors and CCTV cameras to continually monitor traffic conditions
  • Ramp meters will be installed on entry ramps to manage the flow of traffic entering the motorway.
  • Improvements to interchanges entry ramps at key interchanges will be realigned, extended and widened to smooth traffic flow onto the motorway. Some exit ramps will also be realigned, extended and widened to reduce queuing onto the motorway
  • Widening the motorway between the M7 Motorway and Roper Road interchanges to four lanes in each direction to improve traffic flow

The M4 Smart Motorway project is due for completion in 2020. It is being delivered in stages to help limit disruption along the motorway. The first three stages have been awarded to contractors and construction is underway:

  • Stage 1 – Mamre Road, St Marys to Reservoir Road, Prospect
  • Stage 2 – Reservoir Road, Prospect to Pitt Street, Mays Hill
  • Stage 3 – Mulgoa Road, Penrith to Mamre Road, St Marys