Sydney Metro: Australia’s biggest public transport project

When New Metro Rail services start in the second quarter of 2019 in the city's northwest, customers won’t need timetables – they’ll just turn up and go with a train every four minutes in the peak.

In 2024, Sydney will have 31 metro stations and a 66 kilometre Standalone Metro Railway revolutionising the way Australia’s biggest city travels. Metro means a new generation of world-class, fast, safe and reliable trains connecting customers to their destinations.

NEW metro rail will run from Sydney’s booming North West region under Sydney Harbour, through new underground stations in the CBD and beyond to Bankstown in the south west. There will be ultimate capacity for a metro train every two minutes in each direction under the city, a level of service never before seen in Sydney. Sydney’s new metro railway will have a target capacity of about 40,000 customers per hour, similar to other metro systems worldwide. Sydney’s current suburban system can reliably carry 24,000 people an hour per line.

Sydney Metro, together with signalling and infrastructure upgrades across the existing Sydney rail network, will increase the capacity of train services entering the Sydney CBD – from about 120 an hour today to up to 200 services beyond 2024. That’s an increase of up to 60 per cent capacity across the network to meet demand.

For more information, refer to the Sydney Metro Website.