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Customer Focused

Customer focused

Vision: Customers’ experiences and their end-to-end journeys are seamless, interactive and personalised, supported by technology and data.

The future of mobility, in both regional and outer metropolitan NSW and Greater Sydney, is customer focused, data enabled and dynamic, allowing the network and services to effectively respond to rapidly evolving customer needs and preferences. Customers’ end-to-end journey experience will be seamlessly integrated across different transport modes, including information, payment and transfers between modes.

In the future, personal mobility packages, such as Mobility as a Service (MaaS), will bundle traditional ‘modes’ with technology platforms and new service offerings, like on-demand bus and ferry services, car share, rideshare, carpool, bike share and smart parking.

Our smartphones and smart devices will be the gateway for each journey, allowing customers to make travel choices based on what matters most to them – service frequency, cost, emissions, comfort or travel time.

Transport will be supported by ‘big data’ – the extremely high volume of data generated each day from the transport network that can be analysed to reveal travel patterns and trends. As digital technologies like artificial intelligence, 5G and the ‘internet of things’ increase – growing volumes of rich data – service providers will be able to better connect with customers, know their preferences and tailor service offerings in real time. Transport’s real-time Digital Twin will create a digital real-world model of cities and communities to facilitate better planning, operations and delivery.

The ever-increasing coverage, capacity, variety and speed of wireless communication technologies and connected devices will allow vehicles and infrastructure to communicate with each other to improve the quality and safety of customer journeys and enable the use of automated passenger and freight services across Greater Sydney and regional and outer metropolitan NSW.

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