About Future Transport Technology Roadmap

Emerging technology has the potential in the coming decade to revolutionise transport by making it a much more personal service for customers. It also has the potential to unlock the full value of our transport and networks.

The NSW Government launched the Future Transport program in February 2016 and the first Future Transport Summit was held in April of the same year. The summit assembled some of the brightest minds from Australia and around the world, as well as respected leaders from the science and technology industries. Ideas from this event have helped inform our analysis, along with a Youth Summit, engagement with our staff, and continued consultation with industry. We have also looked at equivalent transport agencies across the globe, researching new ways they are using technology and at how governments in Australia and around the world are working with the private sector to bring big ideas to life.

From this work, Transport for NSW has created the Future Transport Technology Roadmap. In simple terms, it sets out a vision for a technology-enabled transport future which will deliver more customised and personalised services for customers, while unlocking the full value of our road and mass public transport networks.



Download the Technology Roadmap