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Technology Roadmap

The purpose of this NSW Future Transport Technology Roadmap is to set out our vision for a technology-enabled transport future.

Technology Roadmap

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Give us your thoughts and feedback on the Future Transport program.

Provide your feedback

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Transport Pitchfest

Got an idea that doesn’t quite fit into any of our innovation challenges? Then Transport Pitchfest is for you!
Transport Pitchfest is a chance for you to tell us your idea that would benefit Transport for NSW customers.

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Transport Pitchfest

Automated and Connected Vehicle Trials

The NSW Government is introducing legislation that will enable trials of highly and fully automated vehicles in NSW. The role of the Smart Innovation Centre is to enable collaboration between government, industry and the research sector and make these trials happen.

Smart Innovation Centre

The Smart Innovation Centre is NSW’s hub for collaborative research and development of safe and efficient emerging transport technology.

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Smart Innovation Centre

How to apply to conduct a trial in NSW

Find out more about how to partner with us to conduct a trial of automated and connected vehicles in NSW.

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On demand bus trial

Past Events

Travel Choices Innovation Challenge

Submit your idea to shape the future of transport.

Youth Summit 2016

If you’ve ever thought ‘If only I ran Transport in NSW…’ we want to hear from you.

Intrapreneurs Hothouse

Contributions from over 500 staff across the Transport cluster generated almost new 700 ideas.

Smart Cities & Accessibility Challenge

How do we make the cities of NSW more accessible? Win up to $150K, we want to hear your ideas!

Personal Trip Plan API Challenge

Check out the finalists’ products from the API challenge that have been launched to the public.

Beacon Challenge

Read about how the challenge progressed.

Learner Driver Logbook

Check out the finalists’ ideas from the Learner Driver Log Book Innovation Challenge.

Future Transport Summit

In April 2016, great minds came together to revolutionise the way we approach the transport challenges facing NSW.