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Past events

Travel Choices Innovation Challenge

Travel Choices is a free resource to help individuals, businesses and organisations prepare for and adapt to the changes to Sydney’s transport network.

Intrapreneurs Hothouse

Contributions from over 500 staff across the Transport cluster generated almost new 700 ideas.

Smart Cities & Accessibility Challenge

How do we make the cities of NSW more accessible? Win up to $150K, we want to hear your ideas!

Personal Trip Plan API Challenge

Check out the finalists’ products from the API challenge that have been launched to the public.

Beacon Challenge

Read about how the challenge progressed.

Learner Driver Logbook

Check out the finalists’ ideas from the Learner Driver Log Book Innovation Challenge.

Future Transport Summit

In April 2016, great minds came together to revolutionise the way we approach the transport challenges facing NSW.

Boating Companion Innovation Challenge

Can you create an app to help recreational boaters navigate the waterways?

Carpooling Innovation Challenge

Can you create a digital product that is designed to increase the adoption of carpooling?

CongestionHack - a TfNSW Hackathon

We will be running a hackathon focusing on the problem of congestion on our roads.


Open Data Platform

Get access to various Transport for NSW data sets


Transport Toolkit

A detailed step-by-step instructional guide on how to design and accelerate product or service outcomes using human-centred design techniques