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Future Transport Summit – April 2016

The collaborative events leading up to the release of the Roadmap helped shape a new message for NSW - "Transport is a technology business."

The Future Transport Summit assembled some of the brightest Australian and international thought-leaders, technology specialists, innovators, entrepreneurs, academics and stakeholders from more than 150 organisations to shape a vision of transport with customers at its core.

The rules of engagement were clear. The summit was to be all about ideas. There were to be no limits, no pre-conceptions. All ideas were welcome, all would be treated with respect, all would be considered.

The summit was not intended to draw conclusions, make recommendations, or rule any proposition in or out at this stage. It was intended to put ideas on the table, as the start of the broader Future Transport program.

The post-summit report highlights some of the ideas discussed.

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Day 1 & Day 2 sessions


Leaders Panel

The formulation of the Roadmap has been guided by a Leaders Panel comprising of senior representatives from government and the private sector. This reflects our desire to open up, embrace new thinking and benefit from the expertise of market leaders, collaborate with strategic industry partners, and rigorously test Transport for NSW’s plans and programs.

Message from the leaders

Youth Summit: The Hive – September 2016

Tertiary students from across the state had their say on how technology and innovation can help meet the transport needs of young people, when they came together at the Future Transport Youth Summit on 29 September in Sydney.

The Youth Summit gave young people a voice in the development of our plans for an increasingly technology-focused future for transport. Participants were asked to think about a wide range of transport services, including public transport, cars as well as active transport such as cycling and walking and what they value.  Insights, such as how important it is for them to be able to maximise the use of their time in their increasingly fast-paced lives, led to the creation of an additional scenario in the Future Transport Technology Roadmap – super-commuting with public, active and shared transport.

Intrapreneur Program

The Intrapreneurs’ Hothouse in June 2016 asked our people from across the Transport Cluster for ideas for providing better customer service, and meeting transport challenges, using technology.  Since September 2016, ideas with the strongest potential have been explored using customer-centred design thinking and agile delivery techniques.

Several prototypes have been developed and are at various stages of testing, piloting and review using a ‘fail fast and learn’ approach. This process has identified a number of practical changes we can make to products and services. 

Examples either delivered or under development:

  • Transport Bot: RITA New ways to plan journeys using an automated Facebook messenger service. Learn more about Transport RITA
  • Real Time Train Occupancy: New, Date driven information about passenger loadings on trains so customers can choose the service that best meets their needs. Learn more about RTTO
  • Real time alerts: to notify customers when they are approaching a stop. Learn more about real time alerts
  • The Boating Companion App: An app which provides weather, navigation rules, alerts and safety information to help recreational or inexperienced waterway users make informed decisions to safely enjoy time on the water. Learn more

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