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Transport as a technology business

Our vision is that NSW will take the lead in applying new and emerging technologies to improve transport for customers. This vision requires us to shift our thinking towards transport as a technology business, which is what the Future Transport Technology program is all about.

This ongoing program of work focuses across a number of key areas:

  • Providing a challenge for engaging and partnering with the technology industry
  • Bringing in new ideas and different thinking from industry for the best customer outcomes
  • Leveraging the ides of our people
  • Changing our culture and capability internally so we are more equipped to take advantage of the opportunities technology brings
  • Showcasing the current projects that are applying technology to improve future transport options

"As well as building new infrastructure, we need to look at smarter systems and technology-driven solutions to cope with demand. We need to staY ahead of the game so it's time we ask, what are the next big ideas? What are the next systems and technologies that are going to challenge us and shape the transport system in NSW?"