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Transport for NSW are the architects of the first Government Transport accelerator model of its kind in the world. Our digital accelerator facilitates direct collaboration between the public and private sectors, connecting teams from the NSW Transport cluster with industry, researchers, entrepreneurs and start-ups in the digital space.

We support and fast-track Future Transport Technology Roadmap initiatives. Transport for NSW’s Future Transport Technology Roadmap includes a series of 15 no regrets initiatives designed to practically enhance the customer experience and how Transport delivers services. Some initiatives extend existing customer channels or operational systems, while others apply technology intelligently to disrupt long-established traditional transport systems and processes such as timetabling and traffic modelling.

These initiatives will be piloted under ‘test and learn’ conditions and scaled up once they’re shown to work effectively.

More On The Future Transport Digital Accelerator

Future Transport Technology Roadmap

Putting NSW at the forefront of using innovative technologies
to transform transport for our customers.

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