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How we work

How the Future Transport Digital Accelerator works


Our process

Our proven framework of prototyping, testing and learning amplifies existing Transport team capabilities and encourages breakthrough thinking to deliver smart, customer-focused solutions.

The accelerator process is designed to deliver rapid customer focused outcomes, through collaborative working in co-design teams. It promotes accelerated decision making through rapid ideation and time boxed design sprints, enabling a ‘fail fast’ approach.

To support the accelerator, portfolio management and effective governance processes will enable visibility and rapid criteria based decision making by co-design teams themselves and the Innovation Leaders Panel. We have developed a Transport Toolkit designed to support our design thinking process. It is available for anyone to use in the spirit of encouraging innovative thinking and collaboration.


A core team of experienced Human-centred designers will guide the business co design team members through the accelerated process critical to the success of any initative going into the accelerator will be the commitment by the business to dedicate subject matter experts to the codesign process who will then take forward the solution into BAU delivery and scale Collaborating with internal and external SME’s is critical.



Working out of the Sydney Startup Hub in the newly transformed Transport House at Wynyard Green, we fast-track innovative ideas into tangible outcomes. The accelerator space is designed to be different, to promote collaboration and innovative thinking and working. A dedicated space to showcase the ongoing activity and output is critical to building support and momentum. The Digital Accelerator will inspire Transport staff, and enable access to new talent and capabilities.



In defining opportunities within Transport to solve real customer needs, we hope to better engage industry to solve these problems.

As part of our Future Transport Technology Roadmap, we have prioritised the following Customer Outcomes:

We have also identified 15 ‘No Regrets’ Initiatives to deliver on these customer outcomes:

These 15 ‘no regrets initiatives’ form the prioritisation framework, determining the innovation and technology initiatives Transport for NSW will invest in over the next 5-10 years. It also forms the pipeline of work and opportunities for the Future Transport Digital Accelerator to collaborate and work with Startups & Industry.




Establishing strategic partnerships for each aspect of the end to end process will allow divergent thinking and access to expertise. Our partners will also help to get the accelerator up and running and to rapidly deliver outcomes without having to go through traditional large scale procurement exercises. It will provide a resource of diverse thinking and create greater opportunity for innovative solutions to emerge.


Our partners include:

Download the Future Transport Digital Accelerator Toolkit

We have developed a Transport Toolkit (PDF, 7.33 MB) designed to support our design thinking process.

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