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Supporting the Future Transport Technology


The Future Transport Strategy sets the vision, directions and outcomes framework for customer mobility in NSW, which will guide transport investment over the longer term. It will be delivered through a series of supporting plans. 


Travel Training Innovation Challenge

Travel Training is a learner-centred training process with the goal of promoting independent and safe use of public transport.

The Travel Training Program is aimed at increasing access to the existing transport network wherever possible for people who are physically and cognitively capable. It aims to support people whose personal circumstances, such as lacking confidence or information about services, prohibits them from accessing public transport.

There is an opportunity to provide a better service to customers through new initiatives, trials and/or partnerships -- with the aim to explore alternate service delivery options that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Travel Training Program.


How to engage with us

We are looking for start-ups who are interested in participating in this Challenge, who may have capabilities in areas such as: 

- Online education 
- New migrant/refugee programs 
- Providing solution that matches a social worker/volunteer to a person
- Providing solution that enforces and tracks whether providers are doing their job


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Future Transport Technology Roadmap

Putting NSW at the forefront of using innovative technologies
to transform transport for our customers.

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