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How we are delivering

Delivering the Future Transport Technology Roadmap will take more than identifying the right list of initiatives.

We are committed to research and engagement to ensure we focus on the best ideas from our partners, industry, customers and staff. We're also committed to stimulating a more responsive, customer-centric culture. Both are necessary to implement the Roadmap and keep pace with rapid technological change. Some of these ideas are well underway and have transformed into technology projects.


Changing how we engage externally

  1. Collaborate with the industry and other experts by engaging them earlier in the planning and development process; being explicit about our objectives and investment criteria; providing opportunities to provide input on potential solutions; and enabling dialogue between key decision makers.
  2. Co-develop new technology solutions through a range of pitch, incubation and development opportunities.
  3. Procurement as an enabler for innovation by evolving our approach to procurement to be more outcome-oriented rather than solution-defined.
  4. Build flexibility into our planning and delivery approaches and engage with vendors to actively scan for new opportunities and potential disruptors to incorporate into our technology investments.
  5. Create a flexible, responsive and agile regulatory framework to minimise unnecessary obstacles that may impede the uptake of new technology.
  6. Government as an enabler, incubator and collaborator to private sector innovation where new technology has the potential to benefit customers.

Changing how we operate internally

  1. Set up an entity designed to enable incubation and accelerated delivery of initiatives, disrupting established transport systems and processes, and fostering an environment for rapid prototyping, testing and innovation.
  2. Treating data as a shared enterprise asset while protecting privacy and preserving security, Transport for NSW will make more data sets available to third parties and incubate data-driven applications in priority areas that meet business needs.
  3. Constant active environmental scanning and research through industry partnerships, connecting and aligning existing research activities to the Roadmap, and improving collaboration across other transport agencies.
  4. Adapt transport business processes to embrace new technologies and create a new norm where opportunities are actively identified, evaluated, incorporated and allowed to flourish.
  5. Embed new technology focused capabilities across Transport for NSW by equipping our people with the latest tools and techniques needed to be a high-performance organisation including customer-centred design thinking, agile delivery methods, and collaboration and co-design principles.
  6. Evolution of organisational culture and Minimum Viable Bureaucracy whereby a new set of principles will be created that enables us to capitalise on success quickly, or ‘fail fast’ without stigmatising future innovation.


The Roadmap has guided a number of projects this year – from new digital products, to innovation challenges and the creation of an open data hub, Transport for NSW is committed to fostering innovation and driving digital solutions that will improve the experience of our customers.