Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is the Transport Digital Accelerator?

A The Transport Digital Accelerator is Transport for NSW’s open door to industry. It facilitates direct collaboration between the public and private sectors, connecting teams from the Transport for NSW cluster with; industry, researchers, entrepreneurs and start-ups in the digital space. We apply human centered design principles and adopt agile approaches to better meet the needs of customers.

Q Where did the Transport Digital Accelerator come from?

A The Transport Digital Accelerator was developed to fast track the delivery of the fifteen no regrets initiatives identified as part of the Future Transport Technology Roadmap.
The initiatives were designed to enhance the customer experience and how transport delivers services.

Q What does the Transport Digital Accelerator mean for NSW?

A More innovative Transport products and services that meet customer needs.

Q How do I get involved?

A You can email the Transport Digital Accelerator team at

Q Where is the Transport Digital Accelerator located?

A The Transport Digital Accelerator is situated in the heart of the Sydney CBD, inside the Sydney Startup Hub at 11-31 York Street. The Accelerator is operated by the Future Transport Technology team.