Transport for NSW are the architects of the first Government Transport accelerator model.

The Transport Digital Accelerator facilitates direct collaboration between the public and private sectors, connecting teams from the NSW Transport cluster with industry, researchers, entrepreneurs and start-ups in the digital space.

How we work

We bring together design thinking and agile approaches to address complex customer challenges.

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Safety After Dark Innovation Challenge

The Transport Digital Accelerator has launched an innovation challenge called Safety After Dark. We are calling on start-ups and businesses to take part in the challenge to explore how technology can be used to help women feel safer on public transport.

For more information, view the Safety After Dark page

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Future Transport Concierge

The Future Transport Concierge provides general advice and connections for startups in the Transport space.

It is an open door for startups, designed to make it easier for startups to navigate Transport for NSW. We regularly meet with startups, accelerators and incubators, researchers, and industry to support the growth of the startup ecosystem.

Contact Us

For enquiries related to the Transport Digital Accelerator, please send an email to the Transport Digital Team and we will get back to you.

Case Study: Mobility as a Service

MaaS is a dynamic, growing market with small and large players working together to give customers improved and individual travel options, not just on main transport routes.

Where are we

Find us @ the Sydney Startup Hub, 11 York Street, Sydney


Establishing strategic partnerships for each aspect of the end to end process will allow divergent thinking and access to expertise.