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Planning and delivery

Future Transport Strategy

Continuing the next phase of transport improvements 


10 Year Blueprint

Future Transport 2056 provides us with the long-term foundation for everything we do. To help guide us in delivering this, Transport’s 10 Year Blueprint defines the outcomes, ambitions and priorities that will keep Transport aligned and focused on creating value for the people we serve: our customers, communities and the people of NSW, and also for the people of transport. It highlights where we need to focus our efforts in order to achieve our long-term vision for transport, as well as enabling us to deliver on the NSW Government’s focus areas.

Primary outcomes

The Blueprint is built on four primary outcomes, which describe the highest order value we create for our customers, communities, the people of NSW and the people of Transport.

These aspirational descriptions of the end-state encourage us to think in new ways about the role we play and how it contributes to our society and wellbeing. Defining these primary outcomes provides a clearer sense of purpose in our work, establishes a foundation for partnering effectively with our many stakeholders, and allows us to be on track for the 40-year vision.

The primary outcomes are about the value we create for people – everything we do in Transport is intended to create value for the key groups of people we serve:

Implementing the Blueprint 

Transport’s 10 Year Blueprint is guided by three core principles which are the foundations of our culture – for the greater good, people at the heart, and customer at the centre, which are underpinned by Transport’s five ways of leading – leadership that is empowering, creative, courageous, caring and sustainable.

Our Blueprint is implemented by embedding the outcomes, ambitions and strategic priorities into our internal planning and resource allocation processes. Transport is developing an outcomes based approach to ensure we have a clear sense of the long-term value we want to create, and empower our people to deliver for customers, communities and the people of NSW. 

Our seven strategic priorities are the big levers of change we need to pull and where we expect to see a lot of new activity emerging. Our ambitions describe what it will look and feel like when we are successfully implementing our outcomes over the next 10 years.

Underneath each primary outcome, we have intermediate outcomes that we are actively working towards. Collectively they form a framework of outcomes that create a rich picture of what we need to deliver to achieve our desired end state.  Different people and teams across Transport will play different roles in contributing to these outcomes. 

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Transport’s 10 Year Blueprint

Evolving Transport

Evolving Transport has emerged as a key action of the 10 Year Blueprint, and is an important foundation for preparing our organisation for the future.

Evolving Transport is our transformation program that is positioning us to deliver even better outcomes for customers and communities across the State, now and into the future. It is fundamental in ensuring we can deliver our 10 Year Blueprint and Future Transport 2056 vision.

Evolving Transport is about:

  • Achieving more integration and collaborative thinking about transport.
  • Being transport mode agnostic and managing the transport network holistically.
  • Implementing more efficient and effective ways of working.
  • Creating an operating model that places customers and communities at the centre of planning, design and delivery.

Putting our people at the heart

Our people at Transport are central to bringing Future Transport 2056 to life. It’s through our workforce, both at the frontline and in back-office roles, that we will achieve the 10 Year Blueprint’s three core principles: to put our customers at the centre and people at the heart – all for the greater good, and realise the principles of Future Transport 2056.

To deliver the priorities of our 10 Year Blueprint, we need to be an integrated, flexible, diverse and inclusive business that delivers for customers, communities and the people of NSW. We want to excite our people by demonstrating the type of workforce we will need and the work they will do as, and how it will feel working for Transport towards 2056. This will enable the development of a workforce that is fit for the future, and the delivery of the Future Transport vision. 

Our People Strategy will help us build an increasingly engaged workforce that will help create the necessary organisational culture to deliver for our customers, community and people. It is among a number of strategies designed to set the foundation for Transport to achieve these bigger-picture outcomes.

Six principles for Future Transport

The Future Transport 2056 Strategy is focused on six key principles for the future of mobility in the state, which together aim to positively impact the economy, communities and environment of NSW.

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