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Customer outcomes for Greater Newcastle

Greater Newcastle Future Transport Plan

Customer outcomes for Greater Newcastle

Our customers are at the centre of everything we do in transport. In Greater Newcastle our customers include the residents, visitors, business owners who use and rely on the transport system.

The overarching Future Transport Strategy articulates the transport vision for NSW for the next 40 years through six customer and network outcomes; A customer focus, Contributing to successful places, A growing economy, Safety and performance, Accessible services, and Financial and environmental sustainability.

This chapter considers these outcomes further and details ten outcomes from a regional perspective and what they will mean for the people, visitors and businesses of Greater Newcastle and how transport supports the emergence of the city as Global Gateway. With the population of Greater Newcastle projected to grow to around 760,000 people by 2056, enhancing customer satisfaction with transport is our ongoing commitment.


Regional NSW Customer Outcomes

Future Transport 2056 Statewide outcomes Regional NSW customer outcomes
Customer Focused

Convenient and responsive to customer needs

1. Flexible services are an integral part of the transport system helping to deliver reliability

2. A transport system that adapts to and embraces new technology

Successful Places

Sustaining and enhancing the liveability of our places

3. The appropriate movement and place balance is established enabling people and goods to move efficiently through the network whilst ensuring local access and vibrant places

4. Supporting centres with appropriate transport services and infrastructure

Growing the Economy

Connecting people and places in the growing regions

5. Changes in land use, population and demand, including seasonal changes, are served by the transport system

6. Economic development is enabled by regional transport services and infrastructure

Safety and Performance

Safely, efficiently and reliably moving people and goods

7. A safe transport system for every customer with zero deaths or serious injuries on the network by 2056

8. A transport system that is resilient to significant weather events including floods, fog and bush fires

Accessible Services

Accessible for all customers

9. Accessibility to employment and services such as health, education, retail and cultural activities within Regional Cities and Centres


Makes the best use of available resources and assets

10. Customers enjoy improved connectivity, integrated services and better use of capacity

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