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NSW Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Plan

NSW Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Plan


NSW’s Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Plan reflects our growing focus on future mobility and technology innovations which will modernise transport for the community and businesses across New South Wales. As a Government, we want to embrace the growing availability of alternative transport such as electric and hybrid vehicles.

Transport has changed significantly in recent years and technology innovations are constantly improving the transport experience. People have more options in the vehicles they use – what used to be a choice between petrol or diesel has now expanded to include electric, hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. 

Electric vehicles offer significant economic and environmental benefits as well as contributing to a modern and cleaner energy future. They can reduce the cost of living and are cleaner and quieter – features which are essential in our growing cities and towns. We know the transition to electric vehicles is a major transformation which brings many opportunities, including new industry development and employment growth in the transport, energy and technology sectors.

Ministers’ announcement - Electric vehicles: They’re multiplying – It’s electrifying!

This Plan was developed in close consultation with our industry and research partners and other NSW government agencies, and incorporates feedback on Future Transport 2056 and its supporting plans.

Through the Research Hub, we are undertaking a number of collaborative research projects related to electric vehicles.

Read the Future Mobility Prospectus to learn about how you can work with us to shape the future of transport for our cities and communities.

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