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Ministers’ Message

Tourism and Transport Plan

Ministers’ Message

Tourism contributed $34.2 billion to the New South Wales (NSW) Gross State Product in 2016-17 1 and employed 262,000 people – one in every 15 jobs in the state. Tourism is especially important to the regional NSW economy. In 2017, 65 per cent of state-wide overnight stays and day trips were in regional NSW, generating $16 billion in visitor expenditure2.

We value visitors to NSW as important transport customers.

From vibrant and friendly cities and towns, to the rich history and natural wonder of the regions, NSW is a huge drawcard for domestic and overseas visitors. Our State capital, Sydney is the main international gateway for visitors to Australia and doubles as a leading location for business and major attractions of sport, festivals and entertainment.

Regional NSW, from its outstanding food and wine regions to its pristine beaches and World Heritage listed, awe-inspiring landscapes, is a diverse patchwork of exploration and relaxation possibilities for visitors of any age from around the world.
Whether visitors come from within NSW, interstate or overseas, transport plays a vital role in their experience.

In 2017, our transport network carried more than 35.7 million overnight visitors around NSW, connecting them to unique destinations and experiences across our beautiful state.

The NSW Government has committed to a goal of more than tripling 2009 overnight visitor expenditure by 2030, aiming to achieve $45 billion by 2025 and $55 billion by 2030. It has also committed to achieving $20 billion in regional overnight visitor expenditure by 2025 and $25 billion by 2030, in alignment with the overall 2030 target 3.
The NSW Transport cluster of agencies is currently contributing to achieving this goal through:

  • New ticketing products, improving options for visitors and encouraging them to travel by public transport across NSW – including the NSW TrainLink
  • Discovery Pass, Opal ticketing and a Contactless Payment trial
  • Wayfinding improvements, including public transport and roadside signposting across NSW
  • New train, bus and ferry services in Sydney serving growing numbers of visitors to key destinations including the Blue Mountains, Bondi Beach and Darling Harbour
  • Transport infrastructure upgrades enabling greater destination options across NSW, including along the Pacific Highway corridor, which has contributed to significant growth in national park visits.

This Tourism and Transport Plan, a commitment made by the NSW Government in 2015, supports the government’s tourism goals by outlining a visitor customer outcomes framework and initiatives to guide our work over the next decade.
Our visitors are important transport customers and this plan places their needs at the centre – addressing the entire visitor experience from planning trips to arrival, enjoying our wonderful destinations and sharing the journey with friends and family.


1    Visitor Economy Industry Action Plan 2030
2    Visitor Economy Industry Action Plan 2030
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