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Successful Places

Successful places

Vision: The liveability, amenity and economic success of communities and places are enhanced by transport.

Recent events, such as COVID-19, have reinforced the vital role that successful places play in supporting healthy lives and strong communities, attracting talent and delighting visitors. 

Transport influences the experience of all those who live in, visit and work in a place, as well as people travelling through. Transport shapes the physical environment, such as our streetscapes, and influences local activity. The design of transport infrastructure supports the environmental outcomes of places.

Public spaces are key components of a successful place where people can meet and enjoy their leisure time, such as in town squares, libraries and community centres, parks and sportsgrounds, and on waterways. An example of how Transport is delivering successful places is through its collaboration with local councils to repurpose streets and streetscapes to be pedestrianised and to extend restaurants into alfresco dining areas.

Being able to safely and easily access these spaces by walking, cycling and public transport encourages people to be more physically active, improves mental health and increases social interactions and recreational opportunities in communities.

Transport’s role in supporting the creation of successful places and integrating the movement of goods and people in place design, such as through improved streetscapes, better public transport and more convenient access, provides an opportunity for local communities and the private sector to work together to create attractive places for our diverse communities. 

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