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Draft Wagga Wagga Transport Plan

Draft Wagga Wagga Transport Plan


Wagga Wagga is changing. It’s time to look at managing the transport network differently to realise the community vision for the city and ensure transport can support growth in a sustainable way.

The draft Wagga Wagga Transport Plan (Transport Plan) provides a vision for how Wagga Wagga’s transport network, infrastructure and services will be managed and developed over time to realise community aspirations.

In 2018, the NSW Government released Future Transport 2056: a long-term plan for transport in NSW. This draft Transport Plan outlines what this means for Wagga Wagga over the next 20 years.

The Transport Plan is the first one of its kind for regional NSW. The plan has been led by Transport for NSW in collaboration with Wagga Wagga City Council and with input from local community and other NSW Government agencies.

Read the draft Wagga Wagga Transport Plan

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Key initiatives

A city connected to its region and the world

Our vision is for Wagga Wagga to strengthen its connections to promote local, regional and international markets, services and people.


  • Improve road connectivity by:
    • Supporting the recommendations of the road classification review
  • Implement regional day-return services by:
    • Trialling and reviewing new public transport day-return services to and from Wagga Wagga
  • Improving connectivity to the region by:
    • Advocating for continuation of air services into Sydney airport.
    • Investigating improvements and the provision of additional rail and coach services to and from Albury, Griffith, Canberra and Sydney 
    • Investigating improvements to rail infrastructure to facilitate more efficient and reliable rail services. 

A world-class freight and logistics hub

Our vision is for Wagga Wagga to be a world class freight and logistics hub, connecting the region to the world.


  • Prioritising and supporting heavy vehicles by:
    • Identifying and prioritising options for heavy vehicle rest stop and decoupling sites to support freight movements through Wagga Wagga
    • Investigating North Wagga Wagga transport & freight connectivity improvements, including the option of Gobbagombalin Bridge duplication, northern link road, broader network improvements and road/rail connectivity to the Special Activation Precinct
    • Improving rail and road intermodal connections
    • Planning to effectively manage kerbside and rear of house space to facilitate goods delivery. 

Improving transport choices

Our vision for transport is to provide real options for people travelling to and from destinations within the city easily, regardless of age or ability.


  • Improving bus transport services by:
    • Reviewing the outcome of the on-demand bus service trial to Bomen industrial estate 
    • Investigating options to integrate bookable on-demand services with long distance transport services 
    • Reviewing local and regional bus services with changes in land use, network changes and growth in population.
  • Improving public transport infrastructure by:
    • Improving the accessibility of public transport options throughout the Central Business District (CBD) and surrounding precincts 
    • Improving the bus interchange within the CBD
    • Investigating the need for bus priority to maintain reliable journey times at key locations.
  • Implementing a strategy to encourage car users to consider other transport options by:
    • Promoting transport choices to encourage behaviour change.
  • Improving parking and access by:
    • Developing and implementing a parking and access strategy to better manage movements to key precincts and events.

A healthier Wagga Wagga

Our vision is for walking, cycling and public transport to become the most convenient options for short trips to, from and within Wagga Wagga’s precincts.


  • Completing the cycleway and shared path network by:
    • Completing the 45-kilometre network and end-of-trip facilities
    • Ensuring ongoing connectivity of the network with any new development including end-of-trip facilities.

Harnessing new technologies

Our vision is for Wagga Wagga to embrace technology to improve the transport network and experience for users.


  • Sharing data for better transport decisions including:
    • Publishing Wagga Wagga-related transport data on the Open Data Hub
  • Improving technology to support public transport by:
    • Harnessing and sharing real-time information to track vehicles and passenger boardings 
  • Enabling new technologies to better manage our network safely, including:
    • Trialling Bluetooth and camera sensors across Wagga Wagga to enable real time analytics for better prioritisation of road users at traffic signals
    • Monitoring demand for public charging facilities to support connectivity within Wagga Wagga and between regional centres.

A safer Wagga Wagga

Our vision is for Wagga Wagga to have zero travel-related deaths or serious injuries. That means safer roads, safer walking and safer cycling.


  • Improving road safety by:
    • Continuing to develop and deliver enhancements to State and local roads using the Safe System approach to improve safety and efficiency
  • Enhancing place by:
    • Investigating shared zones in the CBD
    • Implementing bus stop improvements including wayfinding signage, bus shelters and footpath connectivity
    • Promoting safer pedestrian and cyclist activity in main streets and civic spaces by providing appropriate infrastructure and speeds.

Read more about the Safe System approach.


Supporting plans

Three key plans were analysed in the context of the draft Transport Plan.

Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS)

This Wagga Wagga City Council document sets out a 20-year vision for land-use in the local area. The LSPS shapes how the development controls in the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) evolve over time to meet the community's needs and provides a narrative as to how it is envisaged the city will grow and develop in the future.

Read the Local Strategic Planning Statement on Wagga Wagga City’s Council’s website.

Draft Master Plan for the Wagga Wagga Special Activation Precinct (SAP)

The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s Draft Master Plan for the Wagga Wagga Special Activation Precinct (SAP) provides the vision and principles for the SAP, a structure plan and provisions to ensure that the vision is achieved. Once made, it will be a statutory planning document that supports the new Activation Precincts SEPP.

Read the draft Master Plan on Wagga Wagga City Council’s website.

Wagga Wagga Urban Highway Study

Transport for NSW completed the Wagga Wagga Urban Highway Study in 2017 to respond to community concerns around traffic volumes, safety and heavy vehicle use of the Sturt and Olympic highways. 

The findings of this study have been considered as part of the Wagga Wagga Transport Plan initiatives. A summary of the study can be found in the Appendix of the Wagga Wagga Transport Plan.

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